Monday, April 30, 2012


I hope every one loves candles and would never miss one for their special occasions. They make the moment so romantic :)

Have you ever stared at those transparent gel candles during any of your window shopping sessions, then its time to make one of your own. They burn for more time than wax candles.

Don't worry about the materials. You will get it at your nearby craft shop.

To make a gel candle you can use any kind of glass bowl/cups. Here I've used the jar which I got with nutella and decorated it with some green coloured stones and some bamboo sticks in which our name is written.

Now place the wick in the middle and support the other end of the wick with a pencil as shown in the pic (otherwise the wick will move while pouring the wax). I added some dry leaves in between.

Take a small amount of gel wax in a pan and keep it in a low flame otherwise there is a chance for it to burn. For your safety I suggest you all to double boil it. ie, boil water in one pan and keep another pan with gel wax in it. It would take little more time than the normal procedure but its always safe. But make sure that the water is not going into the wax pan).

 Once it is melted completely I added one small drop of perfume in it . After that pour it in to the glass jar slowly. This is done to reduce the chance of formation of bubble. (Don't worry if some melted wax is left. It will  harden very fast and you can keep it for later use).

It will take an hour for this to completely set. After that cut the wick as much as u want. Isn't it lovely???

 I loved doing this, will come up with a coloured one later.


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  1. you must get your blog registered with adwords/google to commercialise it

  2. Thanks ma'm , will be doing it once I post enough articles... Hey I never knew krisha had a blog :)