Monday, April 23, 2012


Today Iam going to show how to make simple long flowers using ribbon

Did anyone know that we can make such beautiful decors using the ribbon which we used during our school days....

 For making this you need ribbon (any color), fevicol ,green tape (optional) and broom stick.
Here i have used 1/2m ribbon. Cut it into 2 , lengthwise as shown in picture.

Now start removing the longer threads from it carefully , leaving a few strands at the bottom portion.

Paste one end of the ribbon with fevicol to the cleaned broom stick. Now start rolling the broom stick slowly and carefully like shown in the picture below...

Once it is fully rolled stick the end with fevicol. If u want you can use green tape that you use for flower making to cover the remaining broom stick .

To keep this I made a flower vase with an old wine bottle, which I decorated with hobby ideas 3d out liner...

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