Wednesday, July 25, 2012


This time my visit to Nainital had fetched me some really old wooden pieces. You know I couldn’t leave them behind on my way back. After coming back my first job was to get it into some attractive form so that I could flaunt it in my living room :).

 I made this

 from this

First I Washed the wood and kept it in open sunlight to dry completely. Once it dried, I  cleaned  it using a sandpaper to make the surface of the wood smooth. In order to make it look appealing I applied two wood coats over it (to get the shiny look). Apply the second coat only after the first coat has dried. Sorry people, in a hurry I just forgot to take a snap of the wooden piece after applying the wood coat.

Took this pic after cleaning with sandpaper

It looked good but I found something missing. Then I took a coconut shell and broke it in to small pieces ( Just broke them randomly).. I took three different sized pieces , one big , one medium and a small piece. 

Cleaned the hard surface of coconut shell with knife and applied the same wood coat. Next job was to stick these on to the wooden piece so that it can act as stand for candles. But still I couldn’t stop. I wanted some thing colorful so that my living room looked lively. So I planned to stick some colored dry leaves on to the broken coconut shell which I had already stuck on the wooden piece. 

Next job was to color  the candle base with the same color as that of the dry leaves stuck on the coconut shell . I used hobby ideas color for this...



And that’s it my little hard work has rewarded me with a wonderful decor for my living room. Its so awesome, I’m loving it. If u like it then drop in your comments or may be a different idea with the same stuff. You can get my updates by liking in my Facebook page click here


To remove the varnish from your brush keep it in a bowl with turpentine after your work.. Clean it with water after sometime..


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Friday, July 20, 2012


Hi everyone.. Sorry for not uploading any new projects for the last few weeks, I was very busy these days, my sister had come home for vacation with her kids . And you know what happens when your niece and nephew comes, Was very busy making their favorite food (I am a bad cook, but still I managed ) playing with them, and taking them to places around delhi which they were taught in their history classes…..
My cute niece and nephew… 

We had gone to see Taj mahal one of the wonders of the world… This was the 3rd time I am visiting  there, But this time it inspired me a lot.. The art works done inside the Taj mahal was really awesome. There are people who are still dong such kind of art works. The great grand children of the people who built Tajmahal.

Ammu in front of Taj mahal

works done on marble with semi precious stones

You can find more about TAJMAHAL here

And you know what,  there are some simple easy DIY crafts coming your  way…wait and watch :)

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