Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Welcome to my blog

Hi friends
For the past one year i was thinking about starting a blog. 2day is a special day for me b'coz its 'My Birthday'. so i thought 2day will be a perfect day for a new start.let my blogs birthday also be today.. :)

For all those who don't know me, Iam Soumya.I live in Delhi.Me and my husband love doing creative stuffs. I love decorating home, painting,stitching etc. I love searching blogs. According to me every individual has a creative side in them.

In this blog iam planning to share with you about my simple experiments in art and crafts. Hope these works will be useful for all my art loving friends. Feedback's are welcome..

Please check tomorrow's post for my first surprise... :)

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  1. Congratulation!!! for your blog and welcome to the world of blogging....I know you will rock this space...waiting for ur surprise Happy blogging dear!!!!