Wednesday, August 22, 2012


You might have seen a bangle box which I have made before ( link )… This week I have made something to hang your bangles… 

This is made with simple cloth hanger. You also need something to wrap the hanger, here I have used jute rope for wrapping, you can also use colorful wool/cloth.

At First open the hanger joint as shown in the picture below. My husband did this for me :) Sometimes it is good to task your husbands.…

 Now tie one end of the jute rope to the the hanger…Apply some fevicol and start wrapping it to the whole hanger as shown.( Don’t forget to apply fevicol in between)…



Since I’m using jute rope I left some place in the joining place. Otherwise it will be difficult for me to hook it back. If you are using a wool you can wrap full hanger. Later I colored the left over place with some golden color.

How will the project be complete without hanging bangles on it !!!

You can even hang your chains in this… Now your wardrobe will look more colorful than before..  Hope you all will try this. May be you can make it more colorful by coloring the jute rope, Since I like the raw look I didn’t go for it.

Keep smiling
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Hey I’ve come up with a stylish bangle idea this week… You might have seen bangles which are wrapped with threads and has become a trend now. I have made something similar to that but not with thread but with wool… Yes the wool which we use to make sweaters.

 You only need some old bangles which you were planning to throw away, any color wool, and a glue ( fevicol) … 

Clean your bangle before use. Leave half inch of wool at the beginning and tie a knot on the bangle. Apply glue to a small area of bangle and start wrapping the whole bangle with wool, wrap it tightly without any gap. Make sure that you apply glue to the bangle before wrapping. When it reaches the starting place again, wrap the bangle with the half inch piece of wool that you have left earlier. Tie a knot at the end and glue it… 

 After making with a single color I thought of making bangles with two colors….
To make it bigger than the other I stuck two bangles together and started wrapping two colors at the same time as shown in the pic…

 Its very easy and took hardly one hour to complete , Isn't it easy to make matching bangles for your cool outfit now???

Try it out and don’t forget to send me your valuable feed backs..

keep smiling 
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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Now a days I am obsessed with lights and what ever I think of making is related to lights/candles. 
We all will be having old glass cups in our house, either it will be a tea cup or a juice glass( I’m talking about the transparent ones). Whether it’s a good one or bad it doesn’t take much time to convert it into a beautiful candle holder. Let’s see how.

Take the cup/glass which you are going to use, wash and keep it under sunlight to dry. Now take the color which you are having, either acrylic or poster in a bowl.. Add water and make it a semi translucent liquid. Transparency of the glass depends on the amount of water you mix with color.  Take care while mixing water and color.. It should not form any bubbles or lumps. I did a mistake while mixing it and one of my piece got small lump in it. 

Now pour the color into the glass. Make sure you don’t fall short of color. (don't worry u can always reuse the color which is left). Start rotating the cup/glass slowly with 2 hands as shown in the pic. 

Once the whole glass is filled with color  hold it downwards to drain of excess color to the bowl. 

I applied the same procedure to my other glass also.......

 Wipe out the excess color slowly from the sides with a tissue/cotton.Keep it under the sunlight for 1 day .Ensure that it has dried completely so that you can keep the candle inside it and use..
I experimented it using different color's with different color concentration to check the transparency. You can try your own combinations .....

I mixed some color with fevicol and got this effect on my glass…Here the design of the glass can be seen when its lighted… 

What are you guys waiting, take out your old cup/glass ware and try it out now… If u want to impress someone or do a candle light dinner then this will be a great idea. 

Checkout my other candle project  here 

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