Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hi all ....
Today I have come up with a recycled craft; I was very confused about this week’s blog. On Wednesday my toothpaste got over and I took a new one… I was about to throw the cardboard cover of my toothpaste but suddenly my crafty mind forbid me from doing so. I thought why can’t I make something from this, Then I managed to get one more tooth paste cover from my loving neighbor and made this wonderful wall decor.

For making this I hardly took 1 hr. Firstly paint it with your favorite color. After coloring I gave some horizontal lines with different width as my design… You can try your own designs.. There is nothing much to explain, the picture’s are self explanatory.  

 I used double sided tape to stick it on to the wall. 

Finally it looks like this…

I would love to hear from you guys...Drop in your feedback in the box below 

Keepsmiling :)
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This week I thought of painting a pillow cover… I didn’t want to draw any typical flower design, I choose a simple heart shape design, I love the depth of red color in it.

If you want to do this, follow these simple steps… Its very easy!!!!

Firstly Wash your pillow cover and iron it. Then make one heart shape pattern using a  thick paper/cardboard and start tracing it on your pillow cover. 

Sorry for my bad photography skill :)


After tracing the design keep the material on a table and  place some paper or anything inside the pillow cover so that the paint does not spread to the other side.. I used acrylic paint to color.

Once it is dried iron it on the reverse side again and keep it for one day. You might be thinking about the durability of color.. Don’t worry it won’t come out while washing.
Finished cover.

  Isn’t it romantic…

Keep smiling :)
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Monday, June 11, 2012


Hi friends…

I had bought a photo frame from IKEA when I had gone to my sister’s place… I thought I will decorate it this week.. 

I took some colored stones which was already there in my collection.

At first I colored it with the color of my stone…Otherwise there is a chance for the frame patches to be visible after fixing the stone. The color used is poster color.

 After that I started sticking the stones . As usual I used fevicol for sticking this… 

Finished frame

I got 2 more frames like this… Will try some different shades on them and post. Wish a store like IKEA was there in India too…

Keep smiling :)
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


You might be wondering how can anyone make a bangle box from a shoe box which we always throw away…

I love to make recycled craft… I have a huge collection of bangles and for a long time I was thinking about buying one. I ended up buying a big enough bangle box which was kind of compromise, b'coz I didn’t like the design/color. Recently when I was about to throw away my newly bought shoe box, I just thought I would keep it for some use later and today this is how it looks like :) 

Isn’t it a good recycling idea…

 It’s very easy to make. The materials which I used are Shoe box, Aluminum foil rod to hang my bangles, Any glue which sticks cloth to cardboard (here I have used fevicol), cloth to cover your shoebox ( I used my old salwar which is still in good condition, but I don’t fit in any more b’coz of a few extra pounds that I gained all these years) You can also use colorful paper to cover your shoe box…

At first you have to measure the width of your shoe box and cut the aluminum foil rod with 2 inches more than the actual width… Here I made 3 such rods.Now draw the circles on the box which you will have to cut out to it in the rods.

Once this is done u can start covering the box all over with the cut pieces of cloth that you have. You can give a different color covering for the rods, just for a contrast and the rods would stand out.

Since the rods protrude out from both sides, you will have to trim the top cover of the box so that it fits in easily. Cover the lid also with some interesting shades and then there you are with you new found homemade bangle box!!

To top it up I just gave it a cute handle kind of stuff for ease of handling. Even this has a story behind it. When I cut the lower( Pajama) of my salwar I made sure that I cut the sling part intact along with the stitching so that I could just squeeze it into a flower/handle kind of stuff and then tie it onto the lid for the final touch. : P

This is how it looks finally

I have also made a bangle hanger to hang your bangles.. You can view it by clicking here DIY- BANGLE HANGER

Thanks for reading...

:)  Keep smiling
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