Monday, March 31, 2014


Hi all...

This post is for all the magnet lovers there..
Isnt it lovely...?

Things you need

Quilling paper strips
Quilling needle

Take two paper strips of different width

Fold and cut the bigger paper like this

Now glue two strips together

Start rolling from the yellow side first using quilling needle and apply glue once it is finished..

stick magnet using glue at the bottom

I made one more magnet like this.. This time I used 2 colors in the middle..

Video on how to make a basic quilling coil

Try this and don't forget to send me your valuable comments in the below space 

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Friday, March 28, 2014


Hi friends!!

I know Its been a long time since I' ve updated my blog..First of all let me introduce this cute little boy who is making me busy these days…We call him DEV...He's influencing  me a lot on all my new works.

Recently we have shifted to a beautiful coastal city. A view from my balcony..

These days I get mails from so many friends asking me to do a specific project like mural painting, earring holder etc.. You can see those projects in the coming weeks.

I have been silently working on quite a lot of projects but didn't  have the energy to post them. From now on, you can find crafts for baby’s also… Coz of my busy schedule I will be posting more pictures with less description. If you have any doubt you can always mail or comment in the space below..

A sneak peek of my latest projects J

Thank you all and keep visiting my blog…I had drafted 10 posts already. Will be posting my next work soon.. 

 Happy blogging  
Keep Smiling :)
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