Friday, September 28, 2012


Hi friends

Today I’ve made a flower vase with a glass bottle… I decorated it with the shoe lace which we all used during our school days…

I asked my husband to buy some wool for my new project and he bought me this shoe lace…Anyways that made me to make this wonderful project .. 

At first wash your bottle and wait till it dries completely.. I had 3 colorful shoelaces.. 

I cut both the ends of the shoelaces. I had to decide in which order it should be wrapped.. Tried two three sequence and finalized the one that you are seeing in the pic…Now sew and join these laces in the correct order. I joined 5 laces together for this project.

Now apply fevicol onto the bottle and start wrapping it as shown in the pic below.

Wrap it completely by applying fevicol… 

Isnt it very easy.. It will take hardly 30 minutes to make this.. Do try this and message me if you have any doubts….. 

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


You might be thinking where I had vanished these days…I had gone to my native place to attend a family function, When I came back I was shocked by seeing my blog hits… It has increased a good number than what I had expected…Thank you so much for the love and support that you are giving me…

On this Occasion of Ganesha Chaturthi I thought of uploading one of my paintings which I completed recently … This typical type of painting is called Kerala mural painting. These are drawn on the walls of ancient temples and churches in south India… But now a day’s we use canvas/clothes to make them.

Only 5 colors are used for doing this painting, white, yellow, red, black and green.. Now a days blue color is also being used…

You should follow some rules before you start the painting. Since these are usually paintings of Gods , our body and mind should be pure and clean, Should pray before starting the painting everyday....Even for painting the eye there are some special days..This type of paintings are very time consuming but you will cherish the output..

Keep smiling
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