Thursday, December 13, 2012


It was my husband's Birthday and as usual I started decorating my house at the last moment… I think my creative mind works only when I am pressurized.

I thought I will make a colorful garland that says Happy Birthday, to decorate my house… I didn’t have enough materials to make it, somehow I managed to make one with few old newspapers,

Take a newspaper , fold and cut it in your favorite shape.. Here I have made  a triangular shape..  

Now paint it with your favorite color….

 Once it is dried write the letters on them with a brush.. You can also use a marker pen…

 Finally glue these paper cuttings on to a thread/wool…. 

Now hang it wherever you want

In the picture you can also see some other stuffs hanging, they are just symbolic gifts :P

Isn't it easy to make.....

Keep smiling :)
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