Saturday, May 11, 2013


Dedicating this post to all the mom's who love sarees.HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY :)

These days painted fabrics are in fashion. For those who don’t know painting/drawing I will help you with an easy way out . It is called block printing…. You will get blocks from your nearest craft shop..The only thing you need is to choose a right design…

This project I did for my mom who loves sari more than anything in this world…  She loves doing paintings, stiching etc.... Actually she is the one who inspired me into this world of crafts...

Lets see how to do this block printing…You just need a cloth, fabric paints, design block , a painting brush and the material to do the printing.. Here I have taken my mom’s sari..

Place some news paper on a table and spread ur cloth over it.

Pour the color into a flat plate and dip the design block in this color. Apply it evenly on the block with the help of a brush… Now slowly press the block on the cloth. Repeat this process to make continuous patterns...

My mom was soo happy after seeing the final product.... :)

Hope you all will try this.. Once again Happy Mother's Day :)

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keep smiling
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