Saturday, November 10, 2012


Hi friends .. 

First of all let me wish you and your family a Very Happy and Safe Diwali. Only 3more days left guys.. Lets make this diwali special by revamping your old clay diya’s with some  colorful, handmade diya’s…..     

Take out your old Diwali clay lamps and follow these simple steps to get a new look

Firstly color your old clay lamps with some bright colors .. Here I have used hobby ideas pearl colors.. Let it dry for some time…

Once it is dried decorate it using a 3d out liner in the way you want.. Here I have used gold metallic color for that.. Do it carefully… Keep a waste cloth near to wipe when the design gets wrong.  Let it dry completely…Don’t worry If you don’t have these outliner  just stick some sequences/glitters on your lamp… 

Your Diwali diya is ready.. Is’nt it pretty… If you want to use it as a candle then melt some wax candle and pour into it.. Don’t forget to put the wick before pouring the melted wax…

If u want to use it as a decor u may try double color... (try out dark color inside and contrast color outside)

Will upload the lit lamps on Diwali :)

 If you have any doubts message me in the comment space below… 

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  2. Wow, these are beautiful! I love these Diwali decorations you posted. Love them, so beautiful!

    1. thank you so much marilyn... saw ur msg only now... really people like you inspires me a lot .. <3