Sunday, May 13, 2012


Firstly Happy Mother’s day for all the mother’s out there.

I was thinking about gifting both, my mother and my mother in law all these days, that too on mother’s day.  There are plethora of stuffs available in the market,  but nothing pleases me so easily. Then I thought of making something for them this time.. Something very useful and cute at the same time, something that make them remind about me when they see it :)

A good part of their life is spend in kitchen, so I thought I will make something related to kitchen, that they can use.  Finally I ended up with colorful glass painted jars which can be used to store spices/other small items… Isn’t it cute??

Like all other craft lovers I also have the hobby of collecting scraps which looks useless, but I always think nothing is useless in this world. I had a lot of used up glass jar’s ( jam/ ginger garlic paste/pickle etc) … I washed them and placed it open to sunlight for sometime… When it dried I cleaned it once again with tissue/cloth. 

I think you all know how to do glass painting, If not don’t worry, ill post about glass painting in this blog later…Here I’ve used hobby idea’s glass paint.

 First outline your glass jar with hobby ideas liner ( any design u like), here I’ve used black liner.  leave it like that for  1hr minimum. 

Once it is dried keep it horizontally and start filling colors’ in it one by one carefully, in this case I have given at least 15mnts for each square( any design that u want) to dry before filling next. Otherwise there is a chance for it to mix.  At some point of your work you will loose your patience, but don’t worry you will be happy to see the end product.

I did some 5 pieces like this….  

Try this out and please don't forget to give me a feed back..

:) Keep smiling
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  1. Very lovely....I will try this too

  2. thanks and dont forget to post the pic...:)

  3. I love glass painting.. and this is such a nice reusable project.. Thanks for stopping by! I love the quick and easy projects on your blog. :)

  4. Thanks Hani..You are doing a great job.. :)