Wednesday, August 22, 2012


You might have seen a bangle box which I have made before ( link )… This week I have made something to hang your bangles… 

This is made with simple cloth hanger. You also need something to wrap the hanger, here I have used jute rope for wrapping, you can also use colorful wool/cloth.

At First open the hanger joint as shown in the picture below. My husband did this for me :) Sometimes it is good to task your husbands.…

 Now tie one end of the jute rope to the the hanger…Apply some fevicol and start wrapping it to the whole hanger as shown.( Don’t forget to apply fevicol in between)…



Since I’m using jute rope I left some place in the joining place. Otherwise it will be difficult for me to hook it back. If you are using a wool you can wrap full hanger. Later I colored the left over place with some golden color.

How will the project be complete without hanging bangles on it !!!

You can even hang your chains in this… Now your wardrobe will look more colorful than before..  Hope you all will try this. May be you can make it more colorful by coloring the jute rope, Since I like the raw look I didn’t go for it.

Keep smiling
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  1. Soumya! LOVE the hanger! Great we to store/display jewelry!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  2. Soumya, I am newly married and was searching the ideas to organize my bangles on Google, like DIY Bangle Box, landed on your blog.. found it so helpful :)