Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hi all ....
Today I have come up with a recycled craft; I was very confused about this week’s blog. On Wednesday my toothpaste got over and I took a new one… I was about to throw the cardboard cover of my toothpaste but suddenly my crafty mind forbid me from doing so. I thought why can’t I make something from this, Then I managed to get one more tooth paste cover from my loving neighbor and made this wonderful wall decor.

For making this I hardly took 1 hr. Firstly paint it with your favorite color. After coloring I gave some horizontal lines with different width as my design… You can try your own designs.. There is nothing much to explain, the picture’s are self explanatory.  

 I used double sided tape to stick it on to the wall. 

Finally it looks like this…

I would love to hear from you guys...Drop in your feedback in the box below 

Keepsmiling :)
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